Step out of the shadows

and into your life

A new beginning 2022

 equinox Journey

You hear the whispers calling you...

 you have been hiding
for too long. 

perhaps you are scared 

I know it is hard,
I too have been afraid

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
― Joseph Campbell

Stressed Woman

now is the Time


unnamed (1).jpg

learn to explore and find meaning in your past failures.

I am about to embark on a journey...will you join me?

This is sensory experience.
We will begin in darkness, Yes, inside the depth of a cave
we shall reflect on what is holding us back,
we shall face the shadows 


in the Fall equinox, nights become longer than days, bringing us into a period of darkness.


We respect and appreciate the darkness because it is also necessary for growth.

Yoga Child's Pose

As you surrender



And as we emerge we are reminded the vernal equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to win out over darkness,

thus marking our rebirth, our time to claim our brilliance and to shine.

So as we climb you reclaim your power

You will be nurtured and challenged   

As you learn to explore you will enhance the ultimate potential of your life.

Your awakening opens the door to truly unimaginable possibilities.

When you believe in yourself again,

 that is when you become powerful beyond belief.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Why should I be your guide

for this life changing Experience?


Who am I?
Who is Tiffany Carmouche? 

Tiffany has lead retreats around the world for over a decade, touching thousands of people with her programing.

This best selling author has spoken on international stages about the power of perseverance, changing our paradigm,  and stepping into our calling.


She went from almost being homeless to generating millions of dollars of sales for a fortune 500 company.


She coaches women to find their voice in novels, on stage and in their lives as they become bold, blissful and brilliant.


"I see you. You are ready to make your impact."


Explore Expand and Empower


We are emerging from a pandemic,

and it is time to face our fears and conquer our limitations. 

This signature program is designed so that you will have support every step of the way.

Saying yes is often scary and this mentorship will help you break down your limiting beliefs and the fear that is holding you back.

There is mindset work, and physical preparation.



I have hired private expert adventure guides that will be with us as you face your fears and reach the summit.


For over a decade I have been using sensory experiences to activate healing, transformation and empowerment. As you feel the rush of the exhilaration, you will know you CAN do anything you set your mind to!

You are not alone.

As we build a sisterhood of trust, we will learn to trust ourselves. 

This is nothing like you have experienced. 

We truly shall be emerging out of the shadows

to bask on the Mountain top.

This is your invitation

It is your time!

Conquer your fears, Self Doubt and limiting beliefs.

You got this! 

We can do this together!

Imagine a life where you are eager to get out of bed. 

Where you are so on fire for life it seeps into all aspects of your day:

your job, your relationships, your dreams, your confidence!


You call back the power you had allowed to escape

and you can't help but smile

because you are unapologetically you

and you embrace every curve, every quirkiness, every brilliance.

Breath in. Breath out...

now let's freefall into living your Life! 

What you get when you say yes? 

  • intimate coaching to help you unlock your power

  • group coaching reset to prepare your mind and your body for the adventure and stepping into your life fully engaged

  • four days, three nights in a Luxury cabin in paradise

  • Private Cave excursion sensory healing to

       help you release your shadows

  • zip lining adventure to help you freefall into your calling

  • Climbing Seneca Rock with an expert guide to challenge yourself to push past fear and obstacles


  • Mediation, Yoga and Immersion experiences for healing

  • Prework to prepare you for journey Both Physically and mentally

  • a sisterhood and sacred bonds


  • Daily journaling and reflectioN to help you document your breakthroughs


An unforgettable

       experience of a lifetime         

An invitation 

I invite you to apply to be one of the handful of women.
I do not promise it will be easy.
But  it will change the way you show up in the world.
Are you ready to invest in you?
Phase 1
   The preparation
Challenge yourself to step into the new you
cultivating your purpose and commit to be your best self! 
Physical and mental preparation!
Phase 2

The Intimate Experience

Strap in for an experience that will change your life! Face your fear and conquer limitations!
Phase 3

The plan

Using the experience you have attained you build your unique Pleasure Map to create the life your desire.


“Courage is knowing what not to fear.”


Out of the Shadows.jpg

Seritity is calling...will you answer?

Let's do this together!

Limited sacred space

because of the intimacy of this group there is only an opportunity for a few.


Apply right away if you are ready to invest in your future and move toward your highest desires. If you want to amplify your impact with an elite sisterhood of women who want to break free of their inner critic and champion their lives

This journey is for you!

49191093156_c72b8fbf79_b (1).jpg

"For years I have seen Tiffany Carmouche in action. She works tirelessly in the accomplishments of these goals. She effects all those who are exposed to her programs. She has the ability to enliven and guide people to a recognition of their talents and the relationship between those talents and their lives".

M. Wilson